Traffic To Website Up By 104.28% !

The Brief:

Sam Blackwell is an excellent landscape gardener but when he wasn’t getting the online results he desired, he asked for our help!

At our first meeting in February 2012 Sam emphasised how he wanted to make sure he was utilising the internet as much as he could, to increase brand awareness and thus gain more business. One of Sam’s main issues was trying to get more local business, so he called on us to help him localise his customers.

The Services:

Over the past four years, we have helped Sam with his digital marketing strategy and provided fully managed campaigns SEO and AdWords Campaigns along with Facebook Advertising.

The Results:

Over the five years that Front Page have been working with Gemini Landscapes, total traffic has increased by?104.28%.

SEO?– Their search rankings have increased with search terms originally on pages 2-3, now on pages 1-2.

We constantly monitor and update the Gemini Landscape website to increase rankings but we also keep an eye out for any SEO updates. Throughout the campaign, we have ensured that Gemini’s website (and mobile site) rankings were not affected by any Google algorithm update changes. With our continued support Gemini has gone from 1 or 2 enquiries per month to 20 to 25.

AdWords?– We set up Gemini’s AdWords campaign in May 2012 and to make sure that the site was appearing in the local area, we reduced the local radius of where they were showing. By 2015 we whittled the radius down from 20 miles to 10 around the Winchester area. With these changes in place, Sam was finally getting more enquiries and better quality leads from his AdWords campaign. Localising Gemini’s Ads not only saved them money on their AdWords but also helped cut business costs such as diesel and transport time of men to site.

Facebook?– At the beginning Sam knew that to expand his business, utilising social media such as Facebook was a good option. However, he didn’t know how to get the most out of it. With some guidance from us, we advised Sam on what to post and how often. We then decided to begin a Facebook Ads campaign to further localise his customer reach. Using geo-targeting we were able to aim the ads around the right area.

Gemini’s Facebook page likes doubled in the first 2 years from 454 to 904 likes. Sam now writes his own Facebook posts and engages with his customers online whilst we continue to manage his Facebook Ads.

The Verdict:

Don’t take our word for it, see what Sam had to say about working with Front Page Advantage:

“Working with Front Page Advantage has done wonders for my business. Before, I was doing big travel journeys to customers, spending more money on diesel and travel time was astronomical. Four years later my journey has been cut in half and I have saved on business costs in the process. Social media has also been a large factor, as potential customers are becoming more aware of my company and as a result, my team and vehicles have expanded. I couldn’t be happier with how things are going and Front Page have been a huge help in achieving my business goals.” –?Sam Blackwell.